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Not only am I a professional photographer, I'm a theatre/film/television Actor. I've studied acting in Musical Theatre at Grant McEwan University (where I now teach auditioning as a sessional), I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Alberta. I've been on screen (TV and Film) and I've played Off-Broadway in New York City.

I picked up my first camera in 2007 while I was in University. Shooting headshots was a natural progression for me, as all my friends needed them, and I had a camera. Ironically, I really resisted shooting headshots until I came across Peter Hurley, the world's premiere headshot photographer. I studied the art of headshot photography under Peter's mentorship for the past year, and I have the honour of being Canada's first and only Mentor in Peter Hurley's affiliate program 'Headshot Crew', where I coach photographers worldwide (you'll see the coaching tab up at the top of the webpage, and that's for my coaching group), I have a small group of 15 photographers across the globe, from Vancouver to Toronto, from Colorado to New York and  from Bahrain to Israel. Coaching and mentoring fellow headshot photographers has been extremely rewarding. It keeps me on my toes, it keeps my mind always on headshot photography and I'm constantly learning from my group, just as much as they are learning from me.

I'm also the proudest father and husband in the world and I count myself lucky every day I get to spend with my beautiful family.