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If you can, send me any previous headshots you have and...

  • Tell me what you like about these headshots. 

  • Tell me what you dislike about these headshots (if anything).

  • How did the session(s) go?

Whatever you want to share about the image(s) and the session(s) is helpful. 
The more insight I can get, the better. 

If you don't have time to email your old headshots, don't worry. 
If you've never had a headshot before, don't worry! 




Keep it simple. Bring as much clothing as you want, you might not wear every item but it's better to have options. I have a place you can hang it all up, and change. Remember, when you're picking out clothing options to bring consider how they look from the chest up. Typically the photo will be cropped above the chest, so focus on the shoulders and the neck line of the outfit. You want clothes that give a clean, defined look.  

Try to bring:

  • clothes you love - you look great in - you feel great in

  • clothes that are form-fitting

  • clothes that are one solid colour (bonus points if they match/bring out your eye colour)

  • clothes that are black, white or any shade of grey

  • layers; a jacket or sweater that works well with one of your tops

Try not to bring: 

  • overbearing patterns, (they distract and pull focus from your eyes).

  • baggy, loose clothing (they add extra unwanted pounds)

  • high collared shirts/jackets (they shorten the neck)

  • wrinkled clothing (the camera will see this)

  • clothes that don't fit

Clothing should not distract from the 'important stuff', which are your face and eyes. 

Above all, trust yourself, even if it goes against the stuff I said above. If you have a heavy patterned shirt or multi colour shirt with a huge collar that you think is perfect, then by all means bring it in!

Pro tip: Do you have a piece of clothing in mind that you love but you don't own it? Go buy it! Keep the receipts and the tags on, you can return it after the shoot!


MAKEUP  (This section is for women. Men, please don't wear makeup)

If you choose to get your makeup done by a professional, I highly recommend going with one of the specialists I've teamed up with. Makeup with my team of artists is $95.00, if you are booking more than one person, that fee will drop to $85.00 per person.  If hair is needed (simple curling, smoothing etc), there would be an additional charge of $50.00 (vs. $85.00). If you're interested in setting up an appointment with them just prior to our session, you can contact them directly here.

If you do plan to go with one of my specialists, give me a heads up, as scheduling might have to change. Makeup is one hour prior to our shoot and Makeup and Hair can be up to two hours prior.

So, we may need to move the start time of the shoot, or possibly re-schedule if the day won’t allow it.

If you're planning on going elsewhere, or doing your makeup yourself, again, keep it simple.
You want your headshot to represent you. Dramatic makeup 'fads' will date your headshot. The going trend now, is usually out in a year... a natural look is timeless.

The retouching can clean up blemishes so if you break a few zits the day before, don't worry!

Try to avoid:

  • heavy eyeliner (on the top and the bottom), avoid sharp, hard lines.

  • eyeshadow

  • pencilled in eyebrows with a harsh line, make it natural

  • fake eyelashes (they weigh down the eyelids, and cause you to look drowsy)

  • too much blush

  • lip liner

  • lipstick (bring in a clear/neutral gloss to keep your lips shiny and/or a hydrating lipstick in neutral colors, to even out chapped lips and unevenness)

  • powder foundation (liquid concealer is much better on camera)

If you know you want to try out a more dramatic style of makeup, bring it in and we can add a bit as we shoot... but let's start on the natural side!

During the session, we will review the images on my laptop as we go, so you can see if the makeup is working for you or not.



Payment is due the same day of the session.
If this isn't possible, let me know, we can discuss it. I'm flexible and understanding. So just reach out and let's talk.

Payment can be made online through my booking software and you should have received an email with your invoice or payment can be made in person.


  • Cash *please bring exact change, don't forget the GST

  • Cheque *made out to Parker Studios Inc.

  • E-Transfer * sent to ryan@ryanparkerphotography.com

  • Credit

Remember that all payments have G.S.T.


Click the map on your phone to go to google maps!


My Address:

9324 86th ave. We are about two blocks west from La Cite Francophone. You can only access 86th ave from 91 street, so if you're coming from whyte ave, turn north on 91st. Our house is a blue bungalow with a big woven ball of twigs and branches in the front rock garden. 

Make your way around to the back, my modest little studio is in my detached double garage. Come right in, I'll be in there.

My cellphone is: 780-887-9878, text or call if there are any problems etc.
Feel free to email me back with any questions.


Clients under the age of 18 must attend with a parent or guardian over the age of 18.