What is your pricing?

Pricing varies depending on the project and the deliverables. Contact me now with details.

Do you offer discounts?

Group bookings are subject to quote, please contact with details.

How long does a session last?

This all depends on our expectations. I've had sessions as quick as 15 minutes with very happy clients and I've also had 2 hour sessions with a ton of options. I block the sessions for 2 hour time blocks however rarely do we even get close to that 2 hour mark. Usually by 1.5 hours the subject is tired. I would say the typical session is around an hour.

I'm not photogenic

Well, that's not a question but I'll play along. I hear this day in and day out. Photogenic defined means to photograph well or to look attractive in photographs. Here's the kicker, photographing well has nothing to do with the person being photographed and has everything to do with the person taking the picture. When a person is confident and not thinking about how they look, they emit beauty and become their best self. You just need a photographer that is going to help you get there.


Yes. You are in very good hands. I have excellent tips and tricks to make you look and feel your utmost best. I also shoot every session into my laptop, this way we can review the images together to ensure we are on the same page the entire shoot. This makes the process more of a collaboration and it also allows you to take ahold of your branding. When you leave the session, you won't have any questions on how it went. You'll know and you'll be happy because I won't let you leave until you are. ;)


Keep it simple. Bring as much clothing as you want, you might not wear every item but it's better to have options. I have a place you can hang it all up, and change. Remember, when you're picking out clothing options to bring consider how they look from the chest up. Typically the photo will be cropped on or above the chest, so focus on the shoulders and the neck line of the outfit. I prefer clothes that give a clean, defined. As mentioned, I shoot every session straight into my computer so we can review them together on a bigger screen. If you have a outfit that doesn't work, we'll know within the first few shots and so we can quickly move onto another top and not waste time or energy on a top you won't be choosing. Once you book the session with me, I'll send you to a more detailed page with clothing information.


For men, come as you are. I highly suggest men do not wear makeup. If you are concerned about darker circles under your eyes, blemishes or anything else… don’t worry. Retouching is like digital makeup, it’s much easier to clean it up in post. If you wear makeup, we will see it, so keep it off.

For women, If you choose to get your makeup done by a professional, I highly recommend going with one of the specialists I've teamed up with. Makeup is $125.00, multiple, group, or corporate bookings are subject to quote. Contact for group rates. If hair is needed (simple curling, smoothing etc), the add-on fee is $75.00. If you're interested in setting up an appointment with them just prior to our session, you can let me know once you book. The makeup artist will meet you at my studio.

If you plan on going elsewhere, or doing your makeup yourself, that is completely fine. I will send you more information and tips prior to the shoot. To be brief, keep it simple, makeup fads will date your headshot, a natural look is timeless.


Providing that your office has a suitable space for the setup of an on-location studio, then absolutely, YES. Contact me and inquire about the On-Location TEAM PORTFOLIO SESSION and we can start figuring it out.


Yes. For companies who book the TEAM PORTFOLIO SESSION, I offer an in-studio new hire rate. Contact for details.


Payment is due before or on the day of the session. If this isn't possible, let me know, we can discuss it. I'm flexible and understanding. So just let me know and we can discuss the options.

  • Cash - exact change
  • Cheque - made out to Parker Studios Inc.
  • E-Transfer - sent to ryan@ryanparkerphotography.com
  • Credit/Debit - only debit tap payments under 100 dollars

Please ensure that all payments include G.S.T.

CANCELLATIONS/RESCHEDULING Cancellation within 24 hrs of a session, is subject to a %50 cancellation fee. I ask that you make your scheduled appointment time as high of a priority as I do. I promise that I will not cancel on you, and I expect the same from my clients.