Freewill Shakespeare 2017 - Portrait Series


Last weekend, I set up a little on-location outdoor 'studio' to capture some epic shots for the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. Many of you already know that I'm a professional actor and some of you may not. I've been fortunate enough for the last three years to acting in Shakespeare in the Park. Not only am I contracted as an actor, I'm also contracted as a photographer. I'm planning to make another post next week to share the backstage editorial work. So, check back next week for that!

It's always a pleasure to be down in the park acting in two Shakespeare Play's for half the summer. One thing I love the most about this contract is acting in rep. The mood changes depending on if it's the comedy or the tragedy that night. Ever since I started working with the Freewill Players, I've always had a shoot like this in mind. Last year, I set up in the back of the men's bathroom. I was super pleased with the results, but this time I wanted to show the environment. That massive tent behind the tiny little paper backdrop is the tent we perform in.

This year The Merry Wives of Windsor is set in the peak of the disco fever era of the 70's, while the Merchant of Venice is set ominously in the pre-world war two era... late 30's - early 40's.

I hope you enjoy the images. It was a blast making it all happen. Check back next week for the editorial work.
Costumes by the amazing Megan Koshka -