Freewill Shakespeare 2017 - BTS Series

For the past two months, I've been working with a hilariously-wild group of people and I have the photos to prove it. For the third year in a row I'm happy to say I'm able to spend half of my summer with the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. This contract is always extra special to me because not only do I get to perform Shakespeare outside in all the elements.... I also get to photograph the journey from start to finish.

I've always loved photographing backstage. It's a very special world, that not a lot of people are privy to. I'm grateful to the members of the cast and crew for allowing me to document and share that world. Photographing backstage can be a struggle due to the lighting. It can get DARK! So, this contract is a huge treat. I mean, come on, it swaps out that challenge for the most beautiful lighting in the world... and it happens night after night. The sun sets every show!!! It's like each moment is served to me on a silver platter over and over and over again. On that note, photographing backstage has always felt a lot like wildlife photography. There is a methodical rhythm to the backstage traffic, actors build patterns even within their backstage routines... and because of that, I have ample opportunity to re-visit moments, night after night... and then there is also random elements of surprise! 

This year marks the 29th annual Freewill Shakespeare Festival. As always, the festival produces one comedy and one tragedy. Below, you will find a selection of candid backstage photographs from both shows. I tried to alternate them as much as possible. Take a look at the Portrait Series I took during this contract..

Costumes by the amazing Megan Koshka -

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